Residential Property Stories

DUAL OCCUpancy house and land Packages, BORONIA HEIGHTS

One street. Three house and land packages. Three client success stories – Ozzilat Property

16 ZENNOR ROAD – 3B 2B 1C + 2B 1B 1C​​

Our client YS was interested in investing in their very first investment property. Wanting and house a land package in a highly sought after area that would attract tenants to be central to public transport, schools, shops, motorways ect. 

This client was very impressed with our local knowledge of the areas in Brisbane and was able to find a suitable location for their investment property. 

We provided a dual-key plan that we knew worked great on the size of land they had. 

It was a seamless build process and had tenants lined up ready to move in the day of handover.

From the time of acquisition to when the project was completed, our client’s property achieved a 35% uplift in the property’s valuation.


24 ZENNOR ROAD – 3B 2B 1C + 2B 1B 1C

This client was referred to us by their family member who built their own house with Ozzilat

KGS is an elderly gentleman living in rural NSW who was looking for a safe, set & forget passive investment.

Being decidedly old-school, KGS required all appointments to be in person as they do not work with emails or the internet.

Our team of consultants, led by Sameer attended his farm which was a 3 hour drive from Ozzilat HO.

With all of the challenges, we presented and facilitated the transaction and dual occupancy home construction.

single OCCUpancy house and land package, BORONIA HEIGHTS

28 ZENNOR ROAD – 4B 2B 2C​

This first home buyer with a family was brought along their building journey by Ozzilat.

The land was secured off-market & the home design and layout was customised to accomodate for the client’s growing family

Budget was also a strong consideration and we executed the build all within their requirements.

Residential Property Stories

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18 Third Street, Camp Hill

18 Third Street, Camp Hill

“It has been one of the best experiences of building a house with Ozzilat. They have been very helpful throughout the journey of building this house. Highly recommended !!” – Client

Lot 20, Eliza Close, The Gap

Lot 20, Eliza Close, The Gap

With strict budgets & stringent timeframes, we overcame the odds and worked between the builder and client to achieve the desired end product.

Redzel Court, Logan Reserve

Redzel Court, Logan Reserve

One Street – Two Investments

With a combined $400,000 of equity uplift between our two Dual Occupancy House and Land Packages on this street, these well satisfied clients have achieved over 9% net cashflow yields and are drawing on equity to further expand their portfolios

– Ozzilat Property, 2023

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